Production Information


・Use for burr removal of resin , automotive paint removal , surface cleaning of high precision parts
・ Moderate hardness among polygonal (Sharp angle)resin-based materials such as Urea , Melamine , Polyester.
・Reduce damage toward workpiece
Polishing material made from urea resin. This will remove only deposits on surface without damaging the surface of high precision parts.
Ideal for automotive paint removal, surface cleaning of high precision parts, cleaning resin mold / rubber mold / die cast mold.

Main Application
Burr removal, deposits cleaning, paint removal, film removal
Applicable material (of workpieces)
Resin, metal, die cast

Specification and standard

Hardness (mohs scale) PP Type: 3.5
Y Type: 3.5
L Type: 3.0
Shape polygonal (Sharp angle)
Specific gravity PP Type:1.47~1.52
Y Type:1.45~1.55
L Type:1.50
Bulk Density PP Type:0.93~0.96
Y Type:0.93~0.96
L Type:-
Packing unit 20kg
Standard Table for PP
Model Name Range of grain size (mm)
PP #8-16 2.13~1.19
PP #12-20 1.68~0.841
PP #16-20 1.19~0.841
PP #20-30 0.841~0.595
PP #20-40 0.841~0.420
PP #30-40 0.595~0.420
PP #40-60 0.420~0.250
PP #60-80 0.250~0.177
PP #80-100 0.177~0.125
PP #100-200 0.125~0.075
Standard Table for Y
Model Name Range of grain size (mm)
Y-18 1.70~0.85
Y-20 1.180~0.850
Y-30 0.850~0.600
Y-40 0.600~0.425
Y-60 0.425~0.250
Y-80 0.250~0.180
Y-100 0.180~0.075
Standard Table for L
Model Name Range of grain size (mm)
L-50 0.600~0.270
L-70 0.270~0.170