Production Information


・Use for paint removal , and cleaning deposits
・The softest of the polygonal (Sharp angle)resin-based material
・Mainly for paint removal and cleaning deposits applications
・Minimize damage to workpiece
Suitable for paint removal and cleaning deposits but also can be used for burr removal.
Because Polyester is harder than Nylonshot® but softer than Urea-formaldehyde (UF), it can be used as a substitute for plant-based material (corn, walnut, peach).
Despite its Polygonal shape (Sharp angle) damage to workpiece can be minimized.

Main Application
Burr removal, cleaning deposits, paint removal, film removal
Applicable material (of workpieces)
Resin, metal, die cast

Specification and standard

Hardness (mohs scale) 3.0
Shape polygonal (Sharp angle)
Specific gravity 1.15~1.25
Bulk Density 0.72~0.76
Packing unit 20kg
Standard table for Polyester
Model Name Range of grain size (mm)
PE #16-20 1.19~2.13
PE #20-30 0.841~0.595
PE #30-40 0.595~0.420
PE #40-60 0.420~0.250
PE #60-80 0.250~0.177
PE #80-100 0.177~0.125
PE #100-200 0.125~0.075