Production Information


・Use for burr removing from rubber-forming products or resin-forming products (thick type) and cleaning products from die cast
・Suitable for rubber-forming products using Freezing Deburring Machine
・Soft and highly elastic materials make equipment free of damage
・Thanks to its excellent elasticity and wear resistance, material cannot be crushed easily.
・Suitable for burr removing of rubber-forming products using Freezing Deburring Machine(Rubber Deflasher)
Since polycarbonate is harder and has higher specific gravity, compare with nylon, it can be used for burr removing of thick of rubber-forming products.
Thanks to its softness and high elasticity, processing can be accomplished without causing any damage to workpieces and equipment.
In addition, it is hard to crush due to its excellent elasticity and wear resistance, workpiece can be processed cleanly
You can choose from 5 colors to match with your application

Main Application
burr removing and cleaning deposits
Applicable material (of workpieces)
Rubber, metal and die cast

Specification and standard

Hardness (mohs scale) 3.0
Shape Cylindrical
Specific gravity 1.20
Bulk Density Approx. 0.72
Packing unit 20 kg
Standard table for PolyCarshot® ※For lead time and quantity of products with「*」please inquire
OD×L(mm) PC
( Cream )
( White )
( Green )
( Yellow )
( Pink )
0.3Φ×0.3L PC-300* - PC-300G* - -
0.4Φ×0.4L PC-400 - - - -
0.5Φ×0.5L PC-500 PC-500W PC-500G PC-500Y PC-500P
0.6Φ×0.6L PC-600 - - - -
0.76Φ×0.76L PC-760 PC-760W - PC-760Y -
0.96Φ×0.96L PC-960 PC-960W - - -
1.0Φ×1.0L - - PC-1000G - -
1.2Φ×1.2L - PC-1200W - - -
1.5Φ×1.5L - PC-1500W - - -