Production Information


・Best for burr removing from resin-forming products and cleaning deposits
・Thanks to its elasticity, workpiece can be processed without causing damage
・Antistatic type is available for electrostatic countermeasures
・Also suitable for cleaning deposits with Wet blast method

Main Application
burr removing and cleaning deposits
Applicable material (of workpieces)
Resin and metal

Specification and standard

Hardness (mohs scale) 2.0
Shape Cylindrical
Specific gravity 1.15
Bulk Density Approx. 0.7
Packing unit 20 kg
Standard table for NylonShot® ※For lead time and quantity of products with「*」please inquire
B( Blue ) Y( Yellow ) W( White )
OD×L(mm) Standard Type Antistatic Type Standard Type Antistatic Type Standard Type Antistatic Type
0.2Φ×0.2L - B-200S* - - - W-200S
0.3Φ×0.3L B-300 B-300S Y-300 - W-300* W-300S
0.4Φ×0.4L B-400 B-400S Y-400 Y-400S* W-400 W-400S
0.6Φ×0.6L B-600 B-600S Y-600 Y-600S* W-600 W-600S
0.8Φ×0.8L B-800 B-800S Y-800 - W-800 W-800S*
1.0Φ×1.0L B-1000 B-1000S Y-1000 - W-1000* -
1.2Φ×1.2L B-1200 - Y-1200 - - -
1.4Φ×1.4L B-1400 - Y-1400* - - -
1.8Φ×1.8L B-1800* - - - - -