Production Information


・High polishing power among the resin-based materials
・High thermal resistance
・Often used for mold cleaning or deposits cleaning or burr removal of resin
Polishing material made from melamine resin.
Because of its high polishing power among resin-based materials, it is often used for die cast mold /rubber mold / resin mold cleaning or mold coating agent or adhesive removal.
In addition, it is used in a wide range of applications such as light scale removal and burr removal of resin and die casting.
We also offer a type exclusively for wet blasting.

Main Application
Burr removal, deposits cleaning, paint removal, film removal
Applicable material (of workpieces)
Resin, metal, die cast

Specification and standard

Hardness (mohs scale) TT Type: 3.5
H Type: 3.5
M Type: 4.0
Shape polygonal (Sharp angle)
Specific gravity TT Type:1.47~1.52
H Type:1.50
M Type:1.45~1.55
Bulk Density TT Type:0.93~0.96
H Type:-
M Type:0.93~0.96
Packing unit 20kg
Standard table for TT Type
Model Name Range of grain size (mm)
TT #8-16 2.13~1.19
TT #12-20 1.68~0.841
TT #16-20 1.19~0.841
TT #20-30 0.841~0.595
TT #20-40 0.841~0.420
TT #30-40 0.595~0.420
TT #40-60 0.420~0.250
TT #60-80 0.250~0.177
TT #80-100 0.177~0.125
TT #100-200 0.125~0.075
Standard table for H Type
Model Name Range of grain size (μm)
H30 1080~600
H50 600~270
H70 270~170
H70 170~132
H120 132~108
H40-50 403~320
H40-60 403~270
H60-80 270~198
H80-100 198~154
Standard table for M Type
Model Name Range of grain size (mm)
M-18 1.70~0.85
M-20 1.180~0.850
M-30 0.850~0.600
M-40 0.600~0.425
M-60 0.425~0.250
M-80 0.250~0.180
M-100 0.180~0.075